Anniversary Recognition

The 25th anniversary of the Caucus was in 1997.

Remarks by Delegate Nancy K. Kopp, President

Mr. Speaker, Mr. President, Lt. Governor Townsend, Colleagues and Former Colleagues,

Thank you all very much for your support and recognition of the Women's Caucus on the beginning of our 25th Anniversary year. As Dr. Papenfus and Delegates Menes and Senator Abrams made clear, it's been quite a 25 years. 1972 was clearly a very different epoch, indeed.

Let us not fail to congratulate our male colleagues also — who are now celebrating the 362d Anniversary of the first male Maryland Legislator taking office. The women legislators have a long way to go-but we're moving fast.

This occasion is not only an opportunity for us all to celebrate the progress of the past 25 years, but also to give particular thanks to those leaders who made this progress possible. First, to those mentors and role models who are sitting in front of us today — the former Senators and Delegates who led the way and helped found this caucus, reaching high leadership positions in both Houses, and continue to be mentors and supporters for us, their colleagues — we salute you now.

And secondly, we salute the leaders and members of this Legislature who have worked so closely with us to assure that the agenda of our caucus — an agenda including support for child care, health care for the unprotected, improved schools and colleges, and combating the scourge of domestic violence and child abuse — has become the agenda for the entire Legislature. Indeed, we are very proud that the leadership of both Houses this year chose to join us in sponsoring a strong package of bills protecting the victims of domestic violence.

We pledge to you all — and to our fellow Marylanders — today, as we start our second 25 years, that the Women's Caucus will continue to work even harder-to reach critical shared goals as we enter the 21st century.