Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly, Inc.

President's Message

Delegate Aruna Miller

“It is with great pleasure and honor that I assume the position as the 2016-2017 President of our nation’s 1st Women’s State Legislative Caucus. As an immigrant from India, I know first-hand that Maryland is a land of opportunity, of rich diversity, and inclusiveness. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues to shape a Maryland of tomorrow that enhances the economic status and equality of women and girls, ensures their freedom from violence, and helps improve the well-being of all Maryland families.”

The bi-partisan Women’s Caucus of Maryland was formed in 1972, the first in the nation. It is open to all female and male members of the Maryland Legislature because equality will result where there is a joint leadership effort. Its current membership includes sixty (60) women and five (5) men.

The Women’s Caucus advocates on behalf of the diverse needs of women, children and families throughout Maryland. It sponsors and endorses legislative policies to improve women’s and children’s health care, economic policies, and combat human trafficking and domestic violence among other pertinent issues affecting women in Maryland. The Women’s Caucus encourages increased participation and representation of women in state government and works in partnership with the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House to advocate for budget priorities that will improve the well-being of Maryland families.

To learn more about the Maryland legislature and the important role you can play in shaping our future, please log onto the Maryland General Assembly website or the Women Legislators of Maryland website. For additional information please contact our Executive Director, Marsha Wise at 410-841-3013 or 301-858-3013.

The Women Legislators of Maryland encourage you to always remain active and vocal on the issues that matter to you because what matters to you, matters to us.


                                       Aruna Miller