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Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Women's Suffrage Movement in 1913
Maryland State House, Annapolis Md

In a joint session Friday February 22, 2013, The Maryland General Assembly commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade, an historic march through Maryland in support of women’s suffrage.

What began in 1913 took another seven years to make it through Congress. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment secured the women’s right to vote.

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Women Legislators of Maryland and the American Heart Association

February 14, 2013


WOMEN GO RED - Celebrating 10 years of the fight against the no.1 killer of women - heart disease!


Visit from Parliament members from Bangladesh

June 2, 2011

The Women’s Caucus, represented by Senators Jennie Forehand and Karen Montgomery, recently hosted a visit of female Parliament members from Bangladesh. The group was in the US for a two-week workshop/study tour program to Washington, D.C. The visit to Annapolis centered on studying the current role of women legislators and insights into key women-centered policy issues. The group toured the State House and then joined our two Senators for an informal discussion.

We received a thank you from the group’s sponsor stating:

“The highlight of the visit,…was of course spending an hour-and-a-half with Senators Forehand and Montgomery. They were both inspirational, informative, and just such genuinely nice and intelligent people that the women from Bangladesh were really impressed. The women took away the fact that, through consistent hard work, things can change for the better for women in the US and in their country. They were also very surprised to see that some of the same challenges they face today are still challenges for women in the US, too.”