Founding Women

Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly, Inc. was founded in 1972 by the twelve ladies listed below. In the early seventies, women were beginning to make political gains nationally. More women were being elected to statewide office and they were beginning to feel the need for stronger ties to each other both in their states and with women in other parts of the country. This new found political potential and its long-term implications were gradually being recognized in the male-dominated state legislatures. The reactions of long-time legislators to this invasion of their mostly-men's club was to ignore it wherever possible. They attempted to maintain their domination by limiting women's access to power, and, whenever possible, by making women who sought power uncomfortable in their pursuit.

The founding women elected to the Maryland General Assembly had the tradition of being political activists for candidates and causes for years prior to running for office themselves. In addition they each had been leaders in community activities serving often as elected leaders in these organizations. Most were mothers with the responsibility for raising their children, running households, and supporting efforts of their husbands. Because those with families waited for their children to be old enough to be left without their close supervision, these women were usually in their forties before they ran for office for the first time.


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